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Consistent Carbonization Furnace

【Production capacity: 2.5t/day
【Weight: 3t
【Total Height: 2m
【Internal Furnace Height:1.5m
Internal Furnace Diameter: 1.6m


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1. Reasonable structure, low energy consumption, super heated steam cooling system, fast cooling speed, good quality charcoal, short production cycle.
2. A horizontal condenser can be used for this carbonization furnace to recover wood tar.
3. This carbonization furnace can deal with log charcoal, machine-made charcoal with high yield and good quality.
4. Reasonable structure, low energy consumption, fast cooling speed, good quality products and short production cycle;
5. High carbonization efficiency, flexible installation, continuous work, save labor force and cost;
6. Simple operation and good sealing effect;
7. Long service life, usually more than 5 years;
8. High refractory ability, quick ignition and even air inlet;
9. Short carbonization period. 


Consistent carbonization machine takes advantage of the principle of carbonization machine. It adopts advanced clean carbonization process. The whole system is composed of gasification system (gasification furnace,s pray tower and dust collector), purification system (spray tower, oil and water separator and filter), carbonization system (carbonization host,  screw feeder,  screw discharger, cooling discharger, conveyor and cooling bin) and control system. The whole carbonization system is characterized by automatic production and automatic operation. 

Technical Parameters:
Model Power Capacity Weight Dimension
self-ignition Carbonization Furnace(Round) 1.5KW 800-1000kg/24hours 4000kg 2.15*2.15*9 m
self-ignition Carbonization Furnace(Square) 1.5KW 900-1200kg/24hours 5500kg 3*1.7*2.2 m
airflow Carbonization Furnace / 900-1200kg/24hours 4000kg 3.4*1.8*2.3 m

Note: No further notice if the technical parameters change.

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