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Rotary dryers

Coal Slime Dryer

【Capacity】: 1.2-17.7t/h

【Final moisture】:12-15% (adjustable)

【Delivery】:15-30 days

【Application】:Coal slime dryer referred to as high efficiency and energy saving coal slime dryer and it is based on cylinder dryer developed.


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  • Environmental Protection

    Modular dust collecting and purifying heat recycling configuration, safe and protect environmental.

  • Great handling capacity

     there is a whole set of equipment which holds 10 to 200t/h output capacity. We can also customize drying machine according to customer’s demands.

  • Energy saving and efficient 

    Fast drying speed, uniform drying effect, energy conservation, easy to control, safe and pollution free.

  • Professional technology support 

    Equipped with thorough tail gas purification system, pollution free; adopt Taida special heat recycle technology and reduce running cost;


  Coal slime is coal washing process of industrial waste residue. Due to coal slurry with high moisture content, high viscosity, high water, and low calorific value such many other adverse conditions, it is difficult to realize industrial use, based on the coal slime industry market and the characteristics of coal slurry, through many times technical research and practice, Zhengzhou Taida company developed a new generation of coal slime drying system meticulously, drying product moisture is less than 15%, the calorific value of coal can achieve 2800-4200 kcal/kg,it is a good fuel of coal boiler. This set of equipment technology is mature, stable running, convenient operation and maintenance.

coal slime dryer

coal slime dryer


Working principle

coal slime dryer

  Wet coal slime/coal slurry/lignite are evenly sent to rotary drum coal slime.slurry drying system by feeding conveying system. After entrance into rotary dryer, wet materials will be led to oblique lifting area. Under the function of internal lifting plate, raw materials will fully exchange heat with hot air and evaporate partial moisture. Meanwhile, temperature of hot flue gas will drop sharply. Preheated wet materials enter medium drying stage and majority moisture will be evaporated here. Materials and flue gas will repeatedly mix and exchange heat until reach to ideal final moisture. Then, qualified dried materials will be discharged out dryer drum and sent to appointed place for storage. Hot air produced by heat source will enter dryer drum. After finishing heat exchanging, tail gas which contains large amount of vapor and dust will pass through cyclone and discharged to atmosphere after secondary purification of bag filter or water type dust removal system. 


Technical Parameters:
Model Drum diameter(M) Drum length(M) Drum slope(%) Motor power(kw) Drum rpm
Occupation area(m²)
TDGT-12100 1.2 10 3-5% 7.5 3-8 100
TDGT-15120 1.5 12 3-5% 10 3-8 150
TDGT-15150 1.5 15 3-5% 18.5 3-8 200
TDGT-18120 1.8 12 3-5% 11 3-8 260
TDGT-22120 2.2 12 3-5% 18.5 3-8 260
TDGT-22140 2.2 14 3-5% 18.5 3-5 300
TDGT-22160 2.2 16 3-5% 30 3-5 300
TDGT-24140 2.4 14 3-5% 30 3-5 350
TDGT-24180 2.4 18 3-5% 37 3-5 400
TDGT-24220 2.4 20 3-5% 37 3-5 450
TDGT-30200 3.0 20 3-5% 55 3-5 500
TDGT-30220 3.0 22 3-5% 75 3-5 500
TDGT-40250 4.0 25 3-5% 210 3-5 800

Note: No further notice if the technical parameters change.

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