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Raw materials】:it is applied to metallurgy, drying, chemistry, building materials, refractory materials, fertilizer and other industries.
Raw materials】: non-caked and weak bonding bitumite and anthracite;
Raw materials】:this type burner is improved and from foreign solid combustion process. 


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1. Customized coal powder preparation system consists of: coal powder screening, coal powder mill and powder discharging system; the finesse of coal powder outlet which reaches to 80 meshes accounts for over 90%, which completely solve problems such as complex structure, large covering area, lots of wear parts, uneasily management and pollution (applied to coal powder preparation system with output of below 10 tons per hour).
2. There is an upper, a lower charge level indicator, CO detection, silo pressure detection, carbon dioxide injection explosion proof, silo weighing and other relevant devices installed on coal powder steel silo. Human experience is not the basis to judge whether the coal powder steel silo warehouse is vacant or full and safe explosion-proof. 
3. Manual ignition is completely replaced by diesel oil automatic ignition system. The ignition time of hot air furnace is very short (3 to 5 minutes). The hot air burner can be started very fast. It only takes several minutes to start production. It can meet process production requests at any time. It doesn’t need a great amount of wood for ignition. There is no pollution produced in the process. It really realizes modernized production.
4. There is a hot air pipe and automatic slag discharge system added in this equipment. It is composed of mechanical type discharging valve and automatic slag discharging machine. This system completely changes problems of heavy labor, labor safety and environmental pollution. It can be called a great reformation of for coal injection burner.
5. There is a thermodynamic instrument automatic control system set in hot air furnace process line. it is a kind of process which realizes automatic the operation of current, voltage, linkage relationship, pressure, coal powder level, automatic vibration dis-charger, the amount of coal powder, the corresponding relationship between coal powder amount and the temperature of hot air furnace and the corresponding relationship among primary air and secondary air and furnace pressure. In addition, it leaves a communication interface for DCS system and the goal of automatic control is achieved by PLC system. Meanwhile, this process is composed of manual and automatic switches.
This whole set of equipment is composed of some national patents such as efficient energy-saving diffusion type coal furnace and double swirl coal powder burner. Main technical parameters: heat support capacity: 10GJ/Hr to 280GJ/Hr; thermal efficiency: more than 90%; the emission of NOX, CO and SO2 meets the national standard. It is guaranteed that there is no environmental pollution and noise caused inside and outside the workshop.


This type burner is improved and from foreign solid combustion process.
This equipment has reached to advanced level at home. This burner contains: 1.coal powder preparation system; 2. coal powder storage system; 3.coal powder metering system; 4.coal powder conveying and air distribution system; 5. coal powder combustion system and hot air furnace; 6. automatic ignition system for diesel oil; 7. hot air furnace and hot air pipe automatic discharge system; 8. process production line of hot air furnace, thermodynamic instrument (strong electricity) automatic control cabinet system (PLC, reserved DCS system high voltage/low voltage communication interface). Hot air process production line is composed by all parts mentioned above.

Technical Parameters:
Product list: without oil gun
NO. Model Technical parameters (Kg/H)
Minimum coal consumption
Maximum coal consumption
1 LZ-200 Burn-off rate 99% 100 250 Φ307×1021 56
2 LZ-300 Burn-off rate 99% 200 600 Φ350×1196 85
3 LZ-400 Burn-off rate 99% 400 1200 Φ400×1316 145
4 LZ-600 Burn-off rate 99% 600 2400 Φ460×1532 245
5 LZ-800 Burn-off rate 99% 1000      
NO. Model Technical parameter (Kg/H)
Minimum coal consumption
Maximum coal consumption
Size (kg)
1 LQ-200 Burn-off rate 99% 80 200 Φ307×1021 67
2 LQ-300 Burn-off rate 99% 150 450 Φ350×1296 105
3 LQ-400 Burn-off rate 99% 380 1140 Φ400×1416 175
4 LQ-600 Burn-off rate 99% 500 2000 Φ460×1632 275
5 LQ-800 Burn-off rate 99% 800 3600 Φ545×1725 460
Note: No further notice if the technical parameters change.

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