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Rotary dryers

BSG dryer

  • Capacity(kg/h):1000~5000
  • Power(kw):34~135
  • Floor area(㎡):5*15~10*22
  • Raw material moisture (%):60±5%
  • Finished product moisture (%):12-15%(can be adjusted)
  • Application area:Brewery,vinass...


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■ Product details
►Equipment introduction:

BSG are major by-products in the beer production. However, high moisture (80-85%) brings a lot of problems on utilization and transportation. Today the best way to solve this problem is to dehydrate BSG and transfer them into composite feed, which could be effectively absorbed. According to the need of different livestock, people could make variable feed by adding specific additive such as trace element. By this way, BSG could get fully used, which could bring priceless environmental benefits and economic benefits. By considering the situation of global market, our company cooperated with relevant designing institute, eventually designing and manufacturing the ‘extruding-desiccation machine plus BSG dryer’ systems. The new product line could fulfill continues and stable production and has the characterization of low cost, easy installation and maintain, and less need for labor. Meanwhile, the product moisture of dehydration process and drying process could separately approach 50-65% and 12%, which is satisfying. According to the test report of national feed quality supervision, inspection and test center, the nutrient in BSG will not loss in the process of dehydration and drying. Currently, we could provide different series of drying equipment to meet the demand of different beer suppliers.

Brewer's grains dryer is mainly consist of:heat source, feeding machines, feeder, rotary drum, discharging machine, draft fan, discharge and power distribution cabinet.


►Working principle:

BSG with 85% moisture are delivered into the screw dehydration machine (or belt dehydration machine) and dehydrated to 50% to 60% moisture content. Then the dehydrated product was delivered into the rotary dryer by screw conveyor for the drying process. High-temperature air heated by furnace could has full massl and heat exchange with BSG, taking away the moisture. The dry materials could pass through the drum quickly with the air force. Wet materials would be dropped gradually and get the fully dried. The eventual dry materials would be delivered out of the systems through screw conveyor.



►Performance Features:

1. This dryer has a high degree of mechanization, large production capacity and continuous operation.

2. Structure was simple and excellent. Materials pass stably through the cylinder's resistance. Convenient to operate.

3. Little malfunction. Low maintenance cost and energy consumption.

4. Good uniformity of dried products. Bright color. Pleasant aroma. Nutrients remain unchanged.

Technical Parameters:
type GZS800 GZS1000 GZS1500 GZS2200
Quantity  delivered  of    feed  screw ≥ 800kg/h ≥ 1200kg/h ≥ 1800kg/h ≥ 3000kg/h
Evaporation  capacity  of  moisture 350kg/h 650kg/h 900kg/h 1300kg/h
Rotate  speed  and  power  of  the  rotary  drum 3-4rmp, 4kw 3-4rmp, 5.5kw 3-4rmp, 10kw 3-4rmp, 15.5kw
Rotate  speed  and  power  of  the  crush  axis 150-250rmp, 3kw 150-250rmp, 4kw 150-250rmp, 4kw 150-250rmp, 5.5kw
Power  of  induced  draft  fan 7.5kw 11kw 15kw 18.5kw
Coal  consumption(standard  coal) ≤ 70kg/h ≤ 110kg/h ≤ 170kg/h ≤ 220kg/h
Power  consumption ≤ 10degree/H ≤ 15degree/H ≤ 20degree/H ≤ 30degree/H
area ≥ 80m2 ≥ 100m2 ≥ 120m2 ≥ 150m2
Height  of  the  plant ≥ 3.8m ≥ 4.2m 5.5m ≥ 5.5m
Weight  of  the  dryer 5.5T 8.5T 15.5T 23.5T

Note: No further notice if the technical parameters change.

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