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Rotary dryers

Cow Dung Dryer

【Capacity(t)】: 5-85



【Delivery】:15-30 days

【Application】:Cow Dung,pig manure,chicken manure.


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Cow dung dryer can process mamure with 70%-80% moisture content into safe storage water content of 13%. The whole drying process is in a closed system, so as to reduce the pollution to the environment. Xinguang cow dung dryer is mainly composed of heat source, feeding machine, rotary drum, discharging machine, material crushing device, induced draft fan, discharger and distribution.

After being fed into the dryer, The wet material is lifted by the lifting board inside the drying cylinder under uniform flipping of lifting board and evenly dispersed in contact with the hot air fully to speed up the drying heat transfer.
In the process of drying, material is discharged from the star discharge valve at the lower end under the effect of inclind lifting board and heat stream.
1. High degree of mechanization, large production capacity, work continuously;
2. Simple and reasonable structure, smooth operation, easy to operate;
3. Less failure, low maintenance cost, low power consumption;
4. Wide application scope, uniform drying;
5. With the effect of sterilization and deodorization.

Client Plant

Cow dung drying production line in Korea


With the development of agricultural, agricultural and sideline products are increasing and receives more attention. Livestock manure brings serious environment pollution, however, cow dung contains rich nutrients and trace elements, it is a good organic fertilizer.

Development of cow dung compound organic fertilizer can not only convert wastes into treasures, reduce environmental pollution, prevent the spread of the disease, but also has good economic and social benefits. The cow dung dryer produced by Xinguang can be used in organic compound fertilizer production line. The finished product is fine in grain, can be used as culture medium for planting agaricus bisporus mushroom, also can be used as fodder for turtles, fish, snails, feed chickens, ducks, etc.

Technical Parameters:
Capacity (T) 5-8 12-15 15-20 35-42 50-60 70-85
Inlet quantity(t/h) 0.6-1 1.5-2.5 2.5-3.5 4-5 5-6 6-7
Power (kw) 9.5 13 18.5 26 33.5 37
Area(m²) 25 35 45 60 80 100

Note: No further notice if the technical parameters change.

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